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OLEV grant eligibility


How to qualify for the EVHS (Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme)

We are qualified to claim up to 75% (or a maximum of £500) from the total costs, a saving we pass on to you.

Home Charge Point Grant Criteria

What is a standard installation?

Manufacturer’s Standard Installation’ Criteria

  • You must have an OLEV approved charge point.

  • There is a maximum run of 10 metres from the distribution board to the charge point.

  • The distribution board must have a spare breaker on a Non-RCD (Residual Current Device) protected unit.

  • The cable must be able to be surface mounted and clipped direct to the wall surface (No groundworks).

  • The charge point location and the car will be charging inside a garage.

  • The earthing arrangement on the designated property must comply with current regulations.

  • The charge point must also be fixed to the main property and be able to utilise said earthing management.

  • The homeowner must comply with all current OLEV Domestic Scheme terms and conditions.

Why choose APL Electrical?

We are qualified to claim up to 75% (or a maximum of £500) from the total costs, a saving we pass on to you.

  • APL are OLEV authorised installers.

  • Using the IET code of practice, NIC EIC and British Standards Regulations (BS 7671) we ensure the installation complies with all current regulations.

  • We provide a (DEI) Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate after successfully testing each installation.

  • We will never compromise your safety.

Don’t worry if your installation falls outside any of the above ‘standard Installation’ criteria, these criteria are based on manufacturer’s advertised prices.

‘From as little as’ – In most cases, there may be some small additional costs, but only ever if absolutely required due to regulations or location requirements.

If so, these will be itemised in our supplied quotations.

OLEV EVHS £500 (Home Charge) Grant Application Form >

After downloading Annex D Part A Form (below) – Please ✓ and provide your evidence as detailed in section 2.

  • If car is registered privately: ✓ Box and provide copy of either V5C or Order Confirmation or Other Proof Of Purchase.

  • If the car is leased privately: ✓ relevant Box and provide a copy of any of the contract documents listed.

  • Please (if applicable) Tick ALL Boxes Section 4 – Note: (pg 28) In particular – Please tick the first box, (if I have posession….) which can confuse people to leave blank or write N/A – OLEV require this box to be ticked.

  • Please complete Part A – print, hand-sign (by the primary user of car) scan (together with your supporting document) and email to


  • PLEASE NOTE: We need to receive your correctly completed OLEV Annex D – Part A and supporting Document in order to arrange your installation date.

OLEV £500 EVHS (Home Charge Scheme) Eligibilty Checklist:

  • ✓ You have private or designated off-street parking.

  • ✓ Your plug-in car must be purchased after April 2015.

  • ✓ You have not made a previous grant-claim for your vehicle.

  • ✓ You cannot exceed the allowed limit of two OLEV grant-funded chargepoints (one each), per-vehicle-per-home.

Company Cars

* If the car is registered or leased in a company name then the PART A (if applicable) ANNEX i TEMPLATE LETTER (see download button below >)  requires completing – as your required evidence – on company letterhead as detailed at the top of the ANNEX i TEMPLATE LETTER PDF.

  • Annex i – Print, hand-sign (by a senior company representative or lease/fleet manager) and email (together with completed / signed Annex D Part A) to

  • EVHS Documentation is required to be completed and hand-signed/returned to us for your Home Charge £500 contribution and enable us to arrange your installation date.

  • All attached documents must reference the primary user’s name, address and vehicle make and model.


Annex D Part A Form